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  • Emacs and Microsoft Windows C:\Program Files\Emacs\x86_64\share\emacs\VER\README.W32 – read it! for serious! C:\Program Files\Emacs\x86_64\bin\ – where the utilities are located I use to download and install , it contains “a large number of optional dependencies for Emacs” – maybe you want to install that into c:\opt\emacs-VER\. emacs-VER-installer.exe – a Windows installer – installs into C:\Program […]

  • Git for Windows – comes with a nice minimal GNU shell environment – GfW is based on MSYS2; MSYS2 provides a Unix environment to Windows – … – MSYS2 users can install GNU Emacs using a pacman command line – I wonder whether I can get this GNU Emacs for Windows to cooperate with the MSYS2 provided by GfW I guess […]

  • EmacsWiki: Eshell Lnk File Support – but I would like to see the details of a Windows “.lnk” within emacs

  • EmacsWiki: NTEmacs With Cygwin This is great!!! Now I can do “Search Files…” in Emacs’s dired-mode again — just like “everywhere”. How to get it to start in the user’s home directory? Create a shortcut for runemacs.exe, move it to AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\ ! Modify the properties of that shorcut accordingly!

  • my 2017 Windows working environment

    All these packages resp. utilities do not require Windows admin rights for getting them “installed” – actually they do not need “a Windows system installation”. Below C:\Users\jhayek I created a couple of subdirectories: opt: every package resp. utility has its own subdirectory below there bin: some .bat and .sh (BusyBox ash) scripts go there Packages resp. utilities: […]