Category: GIMP recipes

  • perspective distortion (photography)ürzende_Linien – in German: “Stürzende Linien” – how to deal with perspective distortion using GIMP – from the “Book of GIMP” GIMP: Tools > Transform Tools > Perspective – it has a shortcut (⇧P), and also an icon in THE Toolbox

  • No Starch Press book: Book of GIMP Whether you’re just getting started with GIMP or working to master GIMP’s more complex features, you’ll find the answers you’re looking for in The Book of GIMP.

  • how to make a rectangle image a square image using GIMP

    I like reusing profile pictures from the web in my Google Mail Contacts aka address book. On Xing or LinkedIn these pictures not necessarily are square, but on Google Mail Contacts you have to choose a sub-square. So maybe you want to resize the picture appropriately, so you don’t cut it, where you don’t want…