Capernaüm, Capharnaum, … – claims it as borrowed from Ancient Greek … from Biblical Hebrew meaning “Nahum’s village“ – a (former fishing) village located on the northern shore of the Sea of Galilee – explains it as a word from Arabic and Hebrew meaning “Nahum’s village“ – claims it as meaning “chaos”… Continue reading Capernaüm, Capharnaum, …

Kaddish originally written in Hebrew!?!

Professor Yoel Elitzur … argues that the Kaddish was originally written in Hebrew, and later translated to Aramaic to be better understood by the masses. He notes that quotations from the Kaddish in the Talmud and Sifrei are in Hebrew, and that even today some of the words are Hebrew rather than Aramaic.

That’s quite an interesting and surprising point of view. And quite comprehensible and logical as well.

“all hyperlinks have been vetted” – “to vet” – what does it mean? – this is where I came across “to vet” – “Mining the Social Web, 2nd Edition” – Preface / “Conventions Used in This Book” / the very 1st paragraph – the origins of vet, verb tr.