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  • “java forever” — an amazing Youtube video

  • set an ACL on /var/run and locked myself out a little

    I wanted to run a script of mine with output in /var/log and its PID captured in a file in /var/run. I must have gotten something wrong with the ACL I set on them, as GDM did not succeed starting my next session afterwords. Took me a little to find out, how that came, but […]

  • no more worries with winmail.dat

    How often did I receive e-mail with a single weird winmail.dat attached, actually incorporating quite a few more real attachments … How often did this drive me nuts … During the last few years I was in the lucky position, that my webmail software actually supported me there by showing me the contents and allowing […]

  • how to copy an Audio-CD nowadays?

    My task is to copy an Audio-CD with a language course on it. I tried to achieve this on my new Mac Book Pro, just with the software, that comes with it. Disk Utility does not seem to support exactly this, it leaves out especially the creation of an image of a CD-ROM. I would […]

  • First steps for Linux on iPhone with BusyBox

    After I had read this article last weekend, I forwarded it to one of the engineers at my current customer’s company. That company is in an automotive niche market, and he had already spent work time on an attempt establishing Linux within one of their projects. Actually Linux is being employed in one of the […]

  • my eee-pc — I broke it a little

    It didn’t take too long, until I broke the tiny little thing a little. synaptics (the GUI package manager) complained about kdelibs4c2a and … cannot install … and whatever. I went to and, but the search hits were a little unclear unsorted. I googled kdelibs4c2a and that was most helpful. Somebody had […]