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  • ruby and PDF

    the speaker: Lukas Rieder working for “paper c” some approaches writing PDF … act as flying saucer … UNIX tools xpdf : $ pdftotext -layout -enc UTF-8 … pdftk $ pdftk compressed.pdf uncompress output uncompressed.pdf imagemagick $ convert … # e.g. towards JPEG the speaker wrapped some unix tools and called that “PdfUtils”, and released […]

  • Ruby User Group Berlin / 2010-07-01 “meetup” / a brief report

    At today’s meeting of RUG-B Jan Berkel talked to us about Ruby on Google App Engine (link added at 2010-07-02-14-42), and  Benjamin Krause talked to us about Unobtrusive Google Analytics Event Tracking. Of course both presentations were given with quite some compentence and professionality, but the Google App thing excited me personally far more. Here […]