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  • searching for a Russian language course in Tallinn, Estonia

    my DuckDuckGo query: tallinn russian language course : “In 2011, … 46.7% spoke Russian as their native language.“ – Tartu is certainly a viable alternative (about 150 km away from Tallinn, home for one of the oldest universities in Europe, with a tremendous tradition in Russian linguistics) : “… in 2004 Estonia joined […]

  • Russian dialects–Chinese_Pidgin

  • a nice Russian and Hebrew word: Балаган = בלגן – pronounced “balagan”, it means: disorder

    The word originated from Persian “balatchan”, borrowed by Turkish as “bala han”, and from Turkish to Russian as “balagan”, since there’s no “h” in Russian it is always replaced with “g”. In Persian in meant “balcony” (which is the same word, same meaning), and also “attic”. In some Slavic language the word still has that […]