emacs/tramp/win/putty: “byte-code: couldn’t find a proper ‘ls’ command”

The PC at “my” desk at my customer’s site just got migrated from WinXP to win7, and I have to re-install and re-configure a couple of packages, and now I have trouble re-adopting tramp.

Having to deal with tramp always brings Michael Albinus to my mind. I only met him during one week in 1988 (1989?), when I had only lived for a couple of months in Berlin. It was quite an enthusiastic time then, and we were so much younger then. Would he let me invite him on a couple of glasses of rather drinkable red wine in the future back home in Berlin?

Alright, back to the issue itself! Yes, after the Windows upgrade I certainly installed the newest available emacs (i.e. emacs package) and PuTTY (0.63) as well.

  • byte-compile …/emacs/lisp/net/tramp-sh.el
  • exit emacs
  • remove ~/.emacs.d/tramp, i.e. the “tramp connection history” resp. the “tramp connection details cache
  • start emacs

and it seemed to find a proper “ls” command again.

I.e. I didn’t follow the other advise, demanding the installation of the newest tramp package.

Having solved the “ls” issue, I faced these messages:

Unable to use key file "…id_rsa.ppk" (unable to open file)
Fatal: Received unexpected end-of-file from server

The windows registry had a couple of entries named “PublicKeyFile” pointing to an outdated location, where id_rsa.ppk had resided before. Changed all occurrences of that entry within the registry (subtree of PuTTY), and that issue was solved.


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