my Chromebook and my Samsung SCX-4623 printer: “File is in the wrong format. Check the PPD file and try again.”

That printer is connected USB-wise to my router, a FRITZ!Box.

This is how my Macs and Windowses connect to my printer (according to router manufacturer’s instructions): The protocol is JetDirect on port 9100:

The manufacturer’s instructions:

I tried for a while to connect through and provide a PPD, but the Chromebook’s printer set-up kept complaining:

File is in the wrong format. Check the PPD file and try again.

Where I got the PPD from: Apparently Samsung’s printer business got moved to HP, and from their support site I downloaded a TAR file (uld_V1.00.39_01.17.tar.gz) containing a nice PPD file (uld/noarch/share/ppd/Samsung_SCX-4623_Series.ppd).

Did not help – I got to move on anyway.

“For the time being” I activated “printer sharing” on my Mac mini. After that the Chromebook found the device automatically, and the set-up suggested through IPPS etc, and everything is fine (just that another server is involved) (and presumably the Chromebook does not need a PPD):

This did not work out for me:

FUTURE: If I will ever have to use this printer again with my Chromebooks, I will first attach the printer usb-wise to the Chromebook, so the Chromebook will have the right driver already.


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