my first Chromebook: HP Chromebook – 14-db0301ng

It has no backlit keyboard – but the keyboard’s touch / stroke is pleasant.

I does not have a touchscreen. But I don’t miss it.

I gradually get used to the “look and feel” of the Chromebook resp. Chrome OS:

  • the 2-finger-tipping for getting the context-related menu
  • the shelf – in the macOS vocabulary: the dock

I am missing macOS’s (multiple) desktops, that I can reach with a shortcut. I have been using them on openSUSE with KDE and Gnome for so many years.

I love that its Linux is Debian, and that I can use Debian’s package management.

I love that I was able to install a proper (GUI) GNU Emacs.

I love that I can use a bash in a terminal window. And yes, my ordinary bash dot-files work.

I love that I can use ssh and rsync (and “tramp” within Emacs). And of course: git.

It is sad, that VLC does not start properly. I cannot watch TV through my TechniSat DVB-T receiver and “media center” therefore.

It is sad, that its printer set-up is not able to directly talk to my network printer. (protocol: “JetDirect” through my AVM FRITZ!Box.) (But I am able to print through macOS’s printer sharing via IPPS.)

I quite like its simplistic file manager GUI “Files”. (How to show more columns?)

I am getting used to the “Launcher”, its “Start” button.


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