• GitHub and SSH authentication SSH authentication only works with URL-s like this one: “<user>/<repo>.git“. Username (or anything like that) is not considered, just the public key.

  • Travis CI – free services – payed services A nice Travis CI sample project:

  • jira-markup-mode: Emacs major mode for JIRA-markup-formatted text files Editing Jira markup in a simple browser text pane is a PITA. So I shall give this a try!

  • “Markdown”: further reading — includes various tables – where it all began – GitHub Flavored Markdown spec – GitLab Flavored Markdown spec (a customer GitLab installation provides (resp. seems to provide) a version with a TOC) – Jira and its markup language – Emacs org-mode and its markup language Emacs and Markdown:

  • the tool that analyses my “fetchmail log file” is now able to alert me, when “fingerprints do not match”– And it also tells me the new “sslfingerprint” clause for fetchmail’s rc file, so that I can immediately replace the old one in ~/.fetchmailrc .

  • how to structure my stuff on

    I need help. Does anybody want to instruct me, how to set up my stuff resp. repositories on My profile there is this. I created a RELAX-NG schema earlier today, and that’s the first to upload. Filesystem Hierarchy Standard Linux packagement on …