GitHub and SSH authentication SSH authentication only works with URL-s like this one: “<user>/<repo>.git“. Username (or anything like that) is not considered, just the public key.

Travis CI – free services – payed services A nice Travis CI sample project:

“Markdown”: further reading — includes various tables – where it all began – GitHub Flavored Markdown spec – GitLab Flavored Markdown spec (a customer GitLab installation provides (resp. seems to provide) a version with a TOC) – Jira and its markup language – Emacs org-mode and its markup language Emacs and Markdown:

how to structure my stuff on

I need help. Does anybody want to instruct me, how to set up my stuff resp. repositories on My profile there is this. I created a RELAX-NG schema earlier today, and that’s the first to upload. Filesystem Hierarchy Standard Linux packagement on …