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  • connecting to a FRITZ!Box via VPN à la Cisco IPSec (in English) (in German) (in English) (in German) Fo connecting to a FRITZ!Box via VPN à la Cisco IPsec the remote server (the FRITZ!Box) must have an IPv4 address (only) – if it also has an IPv6 address, connecting won’t work out. It took me quite some time this afternoon […]

  • 1st things back in “freedom”

    “Freedom” means “after the crontract / job, that fed me for the last 1.75 years” – and actually payments for May and June are still due. Completed: firmware-upgrading the FRITZ!Box 7490, that I had at work, there connected to the Internet via UMTS-USB-stick, now connected through the “hotel’s” LAN ultimo 2014-06/07 communication with tax account […]

  • AVM – FRITZ!Fon MT-F

    AVM – FRITZ!Fon MT-F It uses the FRITZ!Box phone book, that’s great. It plays Internet radio, that’s also great. It has a dedicated rechargeable battery. It has a plug for an ear-phone or loudspeaker. It can stand upright by itself.

  • AVM – FRITZ!Fon C3

    AVM – FRITZ!Fon C3 It uses the FRITZ!Box phone book, that’s great. It plays Internet radio, that’s also great. It has standard AAA size rechargeable batteries, that’s really great. It does not have a plug for an ear-phone or loudspeaker, I miss that. It needs the cradle to stand upright, and the sound for playing […]

  • FRITZ!Box 7390: a USB printer serving as network printer on a computer running Windows

    The instructions in the (German) user manual imply, that the printer was first properly attached to the computer itself. The user manual explains, how to change the settings of the printer configuration, so that you can make use of that printer, which is now attached to the FRITZ!Box. You can also install it as a […]

  • perlfork – Perl’s fork emulation

    perlfork – Perl’s fork emulation Picked this up on twitter from a conversation between 2 rather well-known hard-core Rubyists (and both certainly former hard-core Perl Mongers): my mate James Edward Gray II (author of the Textmate book, author of the Ruby CSV library modules, renowned I18N guru, contributor to my FRITZ!Box call monitor, …) and Yehuda Katz (member […]

  • my Mac now connects through my UMTS USB modem

    I have been using my “XS Stick W12” from for almost a year on my EeePC running WinXP and also on my FRITZ!Box 7270. Now I can also make use of it on my Mac Book Pro. Splendid. Looks like now sell their current model (XS Stick W14) w/o branding and SIM-lock for […]

  • my Mac now prints on the colour laser printer attached to the FRITZ!Box router

    The Samsung CLP-315 gets accessed via “HP JetDirect”. Yesterday I wasn’t able to set it up as network printer and let it find the driver on Samsung’s CD. Today I let Samsung’s printer installation routine set up a local printer (which isn’t actually installed), but at least the driver got installed somewhere on OS X, […]