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  • Synology DiskStation DS718+

  • Linux: how to edit certain system files in a secured way: vipw, vigr, visudo vipw and vigr are actually the same utility. You still have to also apply sudo on your command in order to gain the necessary privileges: Under certain circumstances you have to tell the utility, which (visual) editor to use: CAVEAT: the following article tells you something incorrect regarding “-s” / “–shadow” (read […]

  • Linux: how to grant “sudo” privileges to an account: “usermod” CAVEAT: Do not edit any file for gaining the required effect, instead: use the following command line! Actually it adds (“–append”) ACCOUNT to a user group by the name of sudo. That works because of this entry in the file /etc/sudoers (what is the group sudo allowed to do?): In other Linux distributions the group […]

  • managing APT repositories: reprepro misc:

  • Continuous Integration / Delivery for Debian packages – I do have Jenkins running on Debian, creating Debian packages as deployables – I plan to deploy to a Debian repository. Automatic handling of repositorieswithout manual interaction: reprepro: freight: – the fork – the original  – maybe that only works with the original

  • managing APT repositories: aptly Works like a charm.

  • managing APT repositories

    using your own Debian package repository is there a CLI interface? is there a human oriented web interface? sources available? searching for “debian package repository”: … searching for “ubuntu package repository”: … – also describes 2 different (simplistic?) web server approaches: …

  • Debian packaging: creating symlinks at installation time

  • “dpkg –install” and left-overs: .dpkg-dist and .dpkg-old

  • Debian manual pages